Spring is the season of renewal, and what better way to embrace that than by refreshing your beauty routine? As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, it’s time to shed the dullness of winter and bring back that radiant glow. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips and tricks to help you get your glow back for spring.

Skincare is the foundation of a glowing complexion. Make sure you’re giving your skin the love and attention it deserves. Double cleanse nightly to remove impurities and dirt that can clog pores. Use a gentle exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. Don’t forget to hydrate! Apply a lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Spring is all about fresh, vibrant colors. Swap out your winter neutrals for pops of pastels or bright hues. Experiment with eyeshadow palettes in shades of lavender, coral, or mint green. For a bronzed, sun-kissed look, add a touch of bronzer and a pop of highlighter to your cheekbones.

Your lips deserve some love too! Trade in your dark lipsticks for lighter, more sheer formulas. Try a coral or peach lip gloss for a fresh, springtime look. If you want more pigment, opt for a MLBB (my lips but better) shade that enhances your natural lip color.

Healthy, shiny hair is the perfect accessory for spring. Give your locks some TLC with deep conditioning masks and regular trims to remove split ends. If you want to add some color, consider a subtle highlight or lowlights to enhance your natural hair tone.

Incorporating these tips into your beauty routine will help you embrace the spirit of spring and get your glow back. Remember, beauty is about feeling confident and empowered in your own skin. Embrace the changes of the season and let your inner radiance shine through!

I hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know in the comments which ones you’ll be trying. Have a beautiful and glowing spring! 

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